From the firm: School’s out but learning never stops

Sing it with us: “School’s…out…for summer!”

This may take you back to riding a yellow school bus home on the last day of school, chanting, “Jail break!” as you pulled out of the school parking lot.

We’ve learned a lot since those school days. And the most important thing? Learning never stops. With an abundance of learning opportunities through sites like YouTube or home improvement shows on our favorite networks, the opportunities for learning new skills or earning certifications are endless.

There’s always room for improving ourselves personally and professionally, which is why we’ve curated the best ideas on improving your business with timely tips for hiring remote workers, becoming a better boss and expanding your knowledge with affordable online classes. And don’t miss our tips for taking advantage of the summer months to elevate your sales and marketing plan.

When the days are long, and life hands you lemons, we have the inspirational quotes to restore your equilibrium (and maybe make some lemonade instead). For warm summer nights and gatherings with family and friends, we have the most a-maize-ing recipes for all you corn-ivores.

Here's to a fun (and educational) summer,

Your trusted advisors

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